Micro Acupuncture Point System – MAPS

Micro Acupuncture Point System – MAPS
MicroAcupunktSysteme or Micro Acupuncture Point System – MAPS is organized by Dr. J. Gleditsch of Ludwig Maximilian University, Munich Germany. He taught this wonderful system to me at Harvard.

Microsystem Acupuncture is based on the Somatotopic fields comprising of specific points of correspondence in the Auricle (Ear), Scalp, Oral Cavity etc. A micro system is like a Map of the body – somatotope or a cartography of the whole organism similar to the homunculus discovered in the sensory motor cortex of the brain.

Each of the Micro system points have a clearly defined correlation to and interrelation with a particular organ or function. Thus MAPS is a very effective and efficient treatment as well as a diagnostic tool for physicians. In Europe – especially in France & Germany – micro-system acupuncture is adopted in the allopathic treatments.

For Example EAR Acupuncture is one such Micro-system. It was discovered by the french doctor Nogier who decoded the functional correspondences of the respective ear points. The punctual cartography of the Ear resembles an upside down embryo.

In India especially in the South Indian traditions – Ear piercing is an important event for Children. The ear point so chosen is in the auricular lobule – corresponding to the brain and more closely the Eye. So piercing both ears is a way of re-booting the brain and opening the third eye.

For laypeople – some very useful treatments can be attempted as remedy for minor ailments:

You need to consult Ear Anatomy book first to understand the location ( sorry I can not upload a picture here!)

Hiccups – Just press the middle of the Inferior antihelical crus with your finger for 3-5 min. Hiccup will stop!

Stress Buster – If you are taking your Maths exam or IIT/IIM entrance exam – use this. 2 CMs from the Antitragus is the Jerome Point – press for 3 min! It will relax your brain quite fast. It is also the point for increasing performance & virility.

Eye trouble – If your eyes are tired after browsing the Internet & you see stars – use this. Press the center of the Ear lobule for 2/3 min – your eyes will clear and vision will be sharp.

Depression – If you are depressed by an oppressing Boss in the office or a nagging partner – use this. 3 CMs from the lower part of the Tragus – press this point for 3 min ( intersection of the vegetative groove)- your depressive feelings will change.

Sneezing – If you have uncontrollable sneezing – us this. Just 2/3 CMs below the eye point. Press this point for 3 /4 min – you will be OK.

I know it is a tough call to locate the points without a ear map. Use Google to get a map of the ear and enjoy good health.

I feel preventive medicine approach sound for many ailments – by teaching simple Acupressure points to patients – we can focus on more serious cases.

Micro system can be a wonderful modality that a qualified Doctor can learn and add to his practice. It is very easy for ENT, Dentists and General Medicine practitioners to learn and use in their practice. That way an ENT Doctor can treat not only ENT issues but can also help in solving an additional ailment – say – Migraine Headache. Little touch-ups using MAPS can be a great relief to your patients.

If you are interested in learning MAPS write to me. Pl do not call – as it will disturb my practice.

Only board certified Doctors/ PT/Acupuncturists can take the course – CMAPS – Certified in Micro Acupuncture Point System course offered by Medaku Research. Bright Science/ Engineering Graduates with some experience can take a Junior Certificate – JC – MAPS. We need more barefoot doctors in India to offer first-aid and first level medicare to the poor in rural areas. This is a Distance program with one week of practical workshops at Chennai. Limited Seats only.

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About Dr. Vaman JN MD (Acu) PGCA (Harvard) MSfN MISOM

Dr. VAMAN MD (Acu) PGCA ( Harvard ) MSFN MISOM CEO of INSOM - Indian Society for Orthomolecular Medicine Member of Harvard Medical School Postgraduate Association - JNV 9914 Emeritus Member of the Society for Neuroscience Fellow of American Society for Laser Medicine and Surgery Member of American Holistic Medicine Association Member of International Socity for Orthomolecular Medicine Member of Australasian Integrative Medicine Association Dr. Vaman JN is a recognized authority on modern Japanese and German styles of Acupuncture. Dr. Vaman is trained at Harvard Medical School in their prestigious Postgraduate Program in Acupuncture - Structural Acupuncture for Physicians. Harvard Acupuncture Course is recognized as the highest qualification/ Training in Medical Acupuncture in the world. Dr. Vaman is MD in Acupuncture and his MD thesis was titled - "Mechanisms of LASER therapy in Acupuncture". Vamans practice of Acupuncture (for over 10 years) focuses on people with chronic ailments. His current Practice is dedicated to the Holistic Health practice of Acupuncture using modern LASER applications & German MicroSystem Acupuncture (MAPS). He has successfully treated Cancer, Arthritis, Stroke patients providing pain relief and partial remission of Cancer etc. Vaman treats patients with a scientific approach where strong emphasis is placed on developing a neuro-anatomical understanding of pain modulation with acupuncture. This Neuro-Muscular Japanese & German Acupuncture system that link Western Bio Medicine theory to concrete, understandable clinical diagnostic and treatment techniques, thus a bridging gaps in western allopathic bio medicine system. Vaman's interest in Acupuncture started in Germany in year 1992-93 where he studied 'Tai Chi' and 'Acupuncture' as a personal choice & passion. Vaman is an active advocate of Orthomolecular Medicine and follows the great Dr. Linus Pauling's teachings. He is a Member of ISOM - International Society for Orthomolecular Medicine.
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